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Chemistry reevaluates intro class

As students in General Chemistry prepared for today's midterm, freshman dormitory halls echoed with standard complaints about the difficulty of kinetic reactions and stoichiometry.


Univ. cuts endowment payout rate

To ensure that the economic downturn does not adversely affect the stability of growth in the University's endowment spending, administrators have decided to lower the endowment's payout rate from...


Bush flat-lines higher ed funding

Duke administrators were mostly disappointed with the $2.2 trillion budget President George W. Bush proposed earlier this week and what it may hold in store for research funding and higher education.


Primates may think, learn like humans

Rhesus macaque monkeys show not only the ability to learn ordered images but also an abstract, flexible knowledge of learned material, a new study reports--suggesting that these supposedly...


Fraternities release bid numbers

After waiting nervously to find out which potential Interfraternity Council group members accepted the bids they handed out Sunday night, fraternity leaders discovered Monday night that changes to...