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Christina Ng



Unwrapping Duke

 The way a person unwraps a present can say a lot about him or her. I realized that this past weekend as I handled ameticulously wrapped box placed in my lap.


Hiker weathers sea- to-sea expedition

Carrying a backpack bearing only food, water, camera and equipment, Andrew Skurka, Trinity '03, is staring down the trail with about 7,640 miles to go, but the weather is on his mind right now.


SmartHouse to arrive summer '05

After a long day of classes, senior Joe Bluedevil approaches the door of his Central Campus house and puts his thumb up to a fingerprint scanner near the entrance.


Alum publishes first book

When 21-year old Natasha Hanshaw visits the site or stops by the essay collection section of Barnes and Noble bookstore, she will see her new book staring right back at her.


Report to study faculty diversity

After six months of research, interviews, discussion and reflection, a task force advising the University on its next step to increase faculty diversity will conclude its work next week.

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