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Here are the hottest stories from July

July: The middle of summer break, and a time to gear up for the upcoming semester. Along with registration and summer work or internships, readers also processed lots of Chronicle stories this month.

Michael Ward published 12 books and over 100 articles during his career, advancing the understanding of international conflict, geopolitics, trade and many other subfields of political science.

Duke professor Michael Ward remembered for wit, wisdom and ‘not accepting the status quo anywhere’

“One of the beauties of Mike’s life and one of the real gifts of his life is that he’s never going to be remembered for just one thing,” said a former student of Ward. “He’s always going to be remembered for a multitude of things: for complexity, for generosity, for his wit, for his sharp mind, for pushing the field forward, for not accepting the status quo anywhere. And I think that’s something to really aspire to.”