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Leveling the field

Students often talk about struggling with the pressure to be the perfect Duke student, or at least appear like they are. What students don’t talk about, however, is what happens when you inherently...


Duke's technological transformation

Before students had personal computers, they waited in line to register for classes in person, paid typists to type up their assignments and competed to be the first to rip a page out of a library...


Watch List: Old Duke

This year, like it has in the past, Old Duke seeks to kick off Duke’s end-of-year festivities with some old-school style.


Civil disobedience

Since the 1960s, duke students have sprung to action to protect their beliefs. from occupying the allen building to protesting wars, duke students have never been afraid to speak their minds.


My Friend Ben

Perhaps Ben Ward's greatest accomplishment—of all of the many great ones—was in the sheer number of people he touched, and the ease with which he touched them.


Dancing through Duke

Many dancers choose to attend traditional conservatories, but Duke dancers are taking an unconventional approach.