Tenting Horror Stories

Patsy Delacey, junior

"We did dirty black tenting last year and had to really quickly put together our structure. Our engineering friends went out there and were trying to use PVC pipes to make arches and we taped together trash bags to use as a cover. It fell about three times when we were sleeping that night, so we kept waking up almost every hour to fix our tent. It was much better when we had a real tent."

Arihant Jain, sophomore

"Last year, when we tented out for the Miami game, for the first two days we weren't allowed a tent and it was raining, so we had to sleep out in the rain."

Fedner Lauture, junior

"Last year because there were so many black tenters we had to make our own tent. My tent was two tables and a blue tarp over the tables, and to give it some altitude we had cinder blocks on the tables. To say that it rained that night would be an understatement. Oh god, it poured."

Corinne May, sophomore 

“I white tented last year with my roommate’s tenting group. I had a paper due the next day and I had to sleep over in the tent as well. So I brought my computer over into the tent, and I was typing it up, and after five minutes my fingers literally stopped moving because they were numb. I couldn’t type my paper.”

Shannon Moyer, sophomore

"I was sitting in the tent alone probably around 8:30 PM while it was 26 degrees. It only had to drop one more degree for grace to be called, and the temperature just wasn't dropping. Anyway, I was so cold, so I called my parents to talk to them to pass the time and hoped that the temperature would drop one more degree. I'm talking to them and they are super worried because of hypothermia and sickness and death and whatnot. My parents were freaking out and said, "Get inside, are you crazy?" I said I couldn't because of tent checks. So long story short: my dad called the campus police because his daughter was cold."

Laura Rogers, junior

"Someone jumped on my tent in the last two days of tenting and they broke it. It was a drunk person. We kind of fixed it but it was a $300 tent that someone had lent to us."

Jake Schapiro, sophomore

“Last year, during blue tenting, there was a big storm and a lot of rain. We had grace for a day and half straight while it was raining, and Kville was getting kind of flooded. By the time we came back, most of the tents were still fine, but our tent had collapsed and a lot of water had gotten in. The poles had broken, so we duct-taped the poles back and it kind of just slouched. It was pretty bad.”


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