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'Best decision I've ever made': New DSG president Liv McKinney reflects on path to presidency

(05/08/19 4:37am)

The first day of spring break this March, junior Liv McKinney and three friends were in an Uber in Los Angeles when McKinney’s phone rang. First-year John Markis, Duke Student Government attorney general and a senior news reporter for the Chronicle, was calling to tell her whether she had won this year’s election for DSG president.

Lost and found and lost again

(05/06/19 4:00am)

I believe in the inherent goodness of all people. We’re all born good—I mean, we have to be. It’s not like anyone has a genetic predisposition to be nasty or rude. Somewhere around my fifteenth birthday, I vowed that, no matter what, I wanted to be a good, kind person. Coming to Duke, I tried to keep this vow. I quickly learned I would never be the smartest, prettiest, funniest or most accomplished person in the room, but I could do my best to be genuinely kind.

Student speaker Leah Rosen will deliver poem at Commencement ceremony Sunday

(05/09/19 4:21am)

Hanging on the wall of her bedroom back home is a poem that senior Leah Rosen wrote in fourth grade. Titled “Where I’m From,” it lists trademarks of her childhood—rainy days in the Pacific Northwest, weekend soccer games and a growing love of medicine fostered by her parents.

Don’t wait: The expansive impact of leading an ethical life

(05/03/19 4:00am)

Another year is coming to a close, providing a time for individuals and groups on campus to reflect on the time that has passed and plan for the year ahead. Many of us will soon depart campus for internships or summer employment where the traditional realm of academic integrity might not be quite as relevant. Rather than being faced with the decision to copy a problem set or plagiarize a paper, we step out of the Duke bubble and are confronted with the tangible byproducts of leading an ethical life in very different environments—the ones we all hope to enter following graduation—the ‘real world,’ as they say.