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(02/10/09 3:00am)

Aside from an awful TVoTR performance, SNL's biggest musical number last week featured The Lonely Island and T-Pain trying to be DJ Khaled and ... Akon? You should keep this video in mind when you are deciding on what to do for your spring break this year. Another track features Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and can be found here. The album will be released tomorrow.

That's Not My Name!

(01/26/09 11:01pm)

(Via Stereogum) The Ting Tings are so popular that mainstream artists everywhere are copying their sound. Lil Wayne, whom you may have seen recently debate Skip Bayless on ESPN, has even planned to release a new rock album called Rebirth due on April 7th. Listen to the first track, "Prom Queen," here. Thank god The Ting Tings don't use autotune. Check out their new video for "That's Not My Name" below.

Where Kevin Jonas Finds His Inspiration

(11/25/08 6:36am)

Without TRL in their pre-teen lives, I wonder what the next generation is listening to. Just kidding. I'm not that out of touch. Disney manufactured pop stars of course! Yes, despite Annie Leibovitz's best efforts (and I guess Vanessa Hudgens's ... lapse in judgment?), the eyes of the nation's youth will be fixated on Miley Cyrus, High School Musical 3 and future NBA number one overall pick(s), the Jonas Brothers. The better question is, what does a Jonas Brother listen to? It seems Kevin Jonas, just like yours truly, grew up listening to blink-182:


(11/21/08 9:43am)

A quick google search will tell you that we are more or less the last people on the internet to break this story, but it is amazing nonetheless. Former recess writer Sarah Ball (yes, it took me a while to sift through her thousands of Chronicle stories for a recess one), now at Newsweek, recently had one of the most quotable interviews ever with Jean Claude Van-Damme: