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Where Kevin Jonas Finds His Inspiration

Without TRL in their pre-teen lives, I wonder what the next generation is listening to. Just kidding. I'm not that out of touch. Disney manufactured pop stars of course! Yes, despite Annie Leibovitz's best efforts (and I guess Vanessa Hudgens's ... lapse in judgment?), the eyes of the nation's youth will be fixated on Miley Cyrus, High School Musical 3 and future NBA number one overall pick(s), the Jonas Brothers. The better question is, what does a Jonas Brother listen to? It seems Kevin Jonas, just like yours truly, grew up listening to blink-182:

“Musically, I was definitely into blink,” Kevin, the oldest Jonas brother at 21, said last week from Hollywood. “Travis Barker is one of the greatest drummers ever, and all the guys in blink are really good songwriters. I grew up listening to their music, and they definitely played a part in the (sound of) early Jonas Brothers.”

But don't jump to any conclusions about Kevin and his brothers, all three of whom wear “purity rings” to affirm their vows to remain chaste until they marry.

It's a little disturbing just how closely Disney monitors every word coming out of their Jonas mouths, as they can't even listen to a band loosely affiliated with nudity without making sure to emphasize that it was just about the music. Here's to hoping the Farrelly brothers can change that in the upcoming JoBro film, Walter the Farting Dog.


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