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DSG senators approve changes to K-ville tenting policies, elect members for Review Task Force

<p>DSG at its Nov. 3 meeting.</p>

DSG at its Nov. 3 meeting.

Duke Student Government senators reviewed an executive order approving the head line monitors’ proposed changes to the K-Ville tenting policies and elected members for the DSG Review Task Force during their Wednesday meeting. 

While head line monitors announced Sunday that they would delay tenting until the start of in-person classes, the executive order reaffirmed the policies announced Dec. 23. Changes to tenting policies included changes to the tenting schedule itself, social distancing rules and COVID-19 testing. 

“Since the line monitors are technically a part of DSG through an affiliate system, we have to approve all of their changes,” said junior Devan Desai, DSG’s president pro tempore.

As part of the approved changes, each tent group would be required to have three tents, with two four-person tents provided by Duke. Only two people would be allowed in each tent at any given time, and each tent group would be allotted a 16 feet by 18 feet space to accommodate for the additional tents. Masks would be required at all tent and walk-up line checks, and a testing site would be added to K-Ville. 

“We recognize that changes to Duke’s policies may change and we will change these policies as necessary,” the executive order stated. 

Senators nominated themselves as members of the DSG Review Task Force and held an election choosing two senators from each of the five standing committees to be part of the task force. 

The DSG Review Task Force is a proposed group that “[reviews] DSG documents and [recommends] changes to the Internal Affairs Committee to draft amendments,” the DSG Review Task Force Statute reads.

The group would also work with campus organizations and SOFC to improve DSG policies and present other student policy recommendations before the Internal Affairs Committee and DSG senators. 

In other business

Senators confirmed junior Rachel Proudman as senator of equity and outreach and junior Alex Leo-Guerra as senator of Durham and community affairs. 

DSG approved $5,300 for the Arab Students Organization’s Jan. 21 concert and $5,032 for TedxDuke’s TedX event.

Audrey Wang | University News Editor

Audrey Wang is a Trinity sophomore and a university news editor of The Chronicle's 118th volume.


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