Sophia Ellingham



Conference examines the films of French director Alain Resnais

From a documentary about the Nazi concentration camps to a historical drama about an infamous embezzler to a light-hearted comedy-drama about the effects of terminal illness, Alain Resnais’ work has always been marked by its diversity of both genre and tone. Resnais was a French film director whose work spanned almost eighty years, from the time directly after World War II through contemporary society.

Old 1980's photos from the Coffeehouse show a rocker atmosphere with students lounging and enjoying music, much like today. 

Duke Coffeehouse looks forward to Fall punk line-up

Tucked behind Crowell, the exterior of the Duke Coffeehouse is entirely inconspicuous. In fact, there’s even a sign that brags about it being “the best-kept secret on east campus.” Inside, however, the space is all but subtle, the walls adorned with UFOs, dragons, giant cartoon faces and a dozen anthropomorphized waffles, all rendered in nearly garish hues.

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