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Jack Dolinar

Jack Dolinar is a Trinity junior. His column runs on alternate Mondays. 



Using platforms with precision

Technology is not inherently evil. It is purposed as a tool. If a smartphone is a Swiss Army knife, apps are the widgets that pop out in order to cater to our various needs. Finding a specific purpose for each tool in our digital toolbox is a step toward improving our quality of life. 


48 hours a day

In your life at Duke, you are surrounded by people who are motivated, skilled, ambitious and successful, and you can learn so much from them if you are willing to reach out. Most people won’t take that initiative, but learning this fundamental skill can be something that truly separates you from the crowd. 


Stopping time

After careful consideration, I realized that by re-imagining my daily goal in a task-oriented manner I was able to regain my old enthusiasm and carry through to the end with vigor. 


The winner effect

We live in a world in which victory is unpopular. People have gotten into the shameful mental habit of believing that for every winner there must be a loser, and they have become more concerned with not being the loser than with being the winner.

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