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Emile Riachi



My experience with free speech

As a person who holds many conservative and nationalistic views that run counter to the liberal consensus on college campuses, I was prepared to face backlash, controversy and even intimidation from those who disagreed with my views.


Rethinking health care

To solve the problem of health care in this country, policymakers on both sides of the spectrum need to move away from polarized and counterproductive debates around health care and instead come to the table to discuss innovative ways to reduce its costs.


Sexual assault and hookup culture

For partners to be straightforward about what kind of sexual acts they are willing to perform, they must build relationships of trust, respect and sacrifice: relationships that are unambiguous about the shared love upon which they are built.


Democracy in the age of Trump

Those familiar with my political engagement know that I regularly criticize some segments of the American Left for drifting away from the democratic norms that have founded this country.

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