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Chas Reynolds



Five Deez Rev Koolmotor

ack in 2000, Five Deez dropped an album by the name of Secret Agent Number 005 and introduced themselves to the hip hop community in convincing fashion before disappearing in darkness for over a year.


Animal Instincts

Techno Animal sounds like two dogs trapped in a car with the windows rolled up and a sampler as their only toy. They're staring death in the face and pissed off.


Loud and Queer

hen you think of lesbian feminist electro-punk politics, kick-ass dance grooves aren't the logical next step in your train of thought.


Tell Me a Fable

his is labor" are the first words out of Aesop Rock's mouth on his second full-length offering, Labor Days. Talk about putting in work: This guy doesn't even know what a day off is.


Cerebral Experimentation

There can only be one reason why no one is screaming about how many Grammys the group Restiform Bodies will be raking in next year--no one really knows what genre to place them in.

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