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Cary Hughes



Art Outside The Lines

Art exhibits are typically housed in galleries with white-washed walls and empty rooms to prevent the surroundings from overwhelming the art.


Mastering Shakespeare's Macbeth

or a theater company, Actors From the London Stage seems like a name to hide behind. An obvious conclusion would be that this stage is not a reputable one or else it would be named.


Perks of Playwriting

ary Adkins speaks with an air of confidence and voices her opinion in a way that makes people want to listen--and take action.


Orchestral Bliss

As the mid-semester drone sets in and midterms rapidly approach, like the weather everything seems monotonous and dull.


Duke's Jazz Infusion

he quintissential New Orleans jazz band--The Dirty Dozen Brass Band--performs in Page Auditorium Sunday for one night of red hot rhythm and blues just in time for Fat Tuesday.


Gaga For Dada

Durham is no longer the tobacco town it used to be. In need of a renaissance, the city is struggling to find some sort of new identity, which the municipal government cannot provide.


Real Art

or those who are partial to New York theater, the theater in this area is typically unbearable.

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