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Declaring for the NBA Draft could mean either sitting out a year with no basketball, or playing for a team like the Cavaliers or Raptors.

An open letter to Kyrie Irving

Dear Kyrie, Go pro. Seriously. Declare for the NBA draft, hire an agent, pick out a nice suit and start practicing to look surprised when your name is one of the first to be called by Commissioner...


Could the stall offense hurt Duke?

There are lots of ways to blow a lead in a basketball game. Sometimes your shooters go cold and the shots stop falling. Sometimes the opponent catches fire and can’t miss. And sometimes, like Duke...

The Duke Chronicle

Selection committee: Huh?

Its hard to make the BCS look like a well-oiled machine. But with the release of the field of 68 Sunday night, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee certainly came close.

While people see only the highlights from Jimmer Fredette, they see everything from Nolan Smith, Chris Cusack writes.

The people’s player of the year

His name may not be “a noun, an adverb, and an adjective, all wrapped into one,” as Verne Lundquist exclaimed about Jimmer Fredette, but Nolan Smith is every bit the Naismith Trophy candidate that...

Michigan State has long been the object of Scott Rich’s derision, which prompts the columnist to analyze the meaning of sports rivalries.

A hate letter to Sparty

Let’s get this out of the way now: I hate Michigan State. It may be illogical, irrational, and even immoral, but nothing anyone says can change that.