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How I learned to stop worrying and love the arts

So, this is my last editor's note ever. I've reported for The Chronicle since the first month of my freshman year, and have thought about what I'd write in this specific piece since then. During the last few years, I'd occasionally wonder: What infinite wisdom will I be able to impart in my last words as a graduating senior? 

Jordan Peele's second film "Us" broke the box office record for an original horror movie.

Stop trying to figure 'Us' out

When Jordan Peele announced he was working on a new movie following the release of “Get Out,” it seemed like the flood of internet conspiracy theories on his first film just took a new shape. And after a $70 million opening weekend that broke the box office record for an original horror movie, fans looked online to help explain the lack of answers provided in “Us.” 


Shut up and play the hits

My first introduction to the album format came through three records that, to many people, don’t even qualify as “albums,” in the strictest sense of the word: The Beach Boys’ “The Greatest Hits – Volume 1: 20 Good Vibrations,” The Monkees’ “The Essentials” and Squeeze’s “Singles – 45’s and Under.”