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Katy Perry's latest album "Smile" underperformed with audiences and critics — but why?

'Smile' and the collapse of Katy Perry

All of this makes her 2010 album “Teenage Dream” feel like a long, long time ago. That album, released almost exactly 10  years before “Smile,” was supported by an unbelievable run of five chart-topping singles, a record that Perry shares with Michael Jackson. The stark difference between these two albums begs a simple question:  What happened to Katy Perry?

DEMAN was founded in 2009 to help students network and find jobs or internships in arts-related fields. 

Virtual networking: A new season of DEMAN Live comes to Duke

Duke is no stranger to recruitment season, with each fall marked by visits from major banks, tech companies and consulting firms. But for students interested in the creative and entertainment industries, the traditional recruitment offerings give little opportunity to establish solid connections.