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DSG Senate calls on DUPD to limit cases where it deploys officers, supporting BCAP activism

The Duke Student Government Senate on Wednesday passed a resolution supporting the student Black Coalition Against Policing’s efforts and approved the creation of the Student Advocate’s Office at a brief Wednesday meeting. The resolution seconds BCAP’s demands that the Duke University Police Department issue a written commitment to “not deploy police officers when responding to mental health crises, noise complaints or student disputes.” 


Disaffiliated fraternities form Durham IFC, start recruiting new members

The newly formed governing body for fraternities that have disaffiliated from Duke began its spring rush process on Sunday. Durham IFC President Will Santee, a junior member of Kappa Alpha Order, said that no organizations should have plans for in-person events and that rush schedule was designed to be completely virtual. Santee added that after recruitment, chapters are also expected to keep everything virtual “or within Duke guidelines.”