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Joseph Nye, assistant secretary of state for the Bill Clinton administration, delivered a speech on foreign policy at the Sanford School Tuesday.

Nye argues for smart, soft power

Soft power may be Joseph Nye’s coinage, but smart power is America’s calling. In a speech at the Sanford School of Public Policy Tuesday evening, Joseph Nye, former assistant secretary of defense...


Duke Endowment feels downturn

In December 1924, James B. Duke established the Charlotte-based Duke Endowment with a gift of $40 million. Of the original donation, $6 million went to Trinity College, which became Duke...

The Duke Chronicle

Brodhead recaps Duke on finances

One year after President Richard Brodhead’s “Message to the Duke Community” announced a smaller Duke, a new memo from the president paints a picture of the University’s finances that is relatively...

In a speech at the Sanford School of Public Policy Thursday, New York Times Columnist David Leonhardt said increases in taxes are unavoidable to maintain the services provided by the government.

NYT columnist backs tax hikes

The best guide to future battles over taxes may be the past, said New York Times economics columnist David Leonhardt. In his speech Thursday, Leonhardt said tax increases are inevitable and...