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‘All I have in life to offer is my heart’: Ken Jeong, Trinity ‘90, on finding flow and moving forward

Many first met Ken Jeong when he jumped out of the trunk of a car to the utter horror of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis. But as President Vincent Price said when he introduced Jeong, Trinity ‘90, that comical scene in “The Hangover” does not begin to capture his essence. That became obvious as soon as Jeong took the podium and proudly proclaimed “Dr. Ken has come back home.” 


Chronquiry: Why aren’t there more buses more often?

While buses are running more frequently this semester, Duke has adjusted operational hours and paused the C3 route. Here's how Duke chose the new hours, when you should pack up your books and hurry out of Perkins to catch the bus—and why students are saying the adjustments pose threats to their safety and are sources of stress.