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'It's not Shooters': Sights and sounds of a Saturday night at Duke Coffeehouse

Upon approaching, I could make out the sound of drums, a guitar, a voice. Despite the bitter cold, three people stood outside, one taking long drags from a cigarette and blowing out smoke that was carried away by the wind. Beside them, the window emitted a lime green light reminiscent of a Disney villain’s color of choice. “The Coffeehouse wants to be an alternative to mainstream social culture,” says Booking Manager Will Atkinson. “It’s not Shooters.”


Nugget may be a 'rockstar,' but don't forget about Keith

Ordinarily, Upchurch comes to campus wearing white tennis shoes, white shorts and a white custom-made Nugget t-shirt, but today’s colder weather means he’s donned light blue jeans and a sweater.  A steady stream of students flows into the building, anxious to escape the cool drizzle outside, and many of them—a pair of wrestlers, a girl with Beats headphones draped around her curly hair—pause to bury their hands in Nugget’s heavy, golden pelt, which smells, according to Upchurch, like “buttered toast.”