Undergraduates selected next year's class council presidents and vice presidents and Duke Student Government committee vice presidents and senators Thursday and Friday.

This year, 23 percent of the student body participated in the voting process. 32 percent of the student body voted in last year's election, following the DSG Presidential election, which also saw a decrease in voter turnout.

Here are the winners:

  • Senior class president: Patricia Pinckombe
  • Senior class vice president: Sean Gilbert
  • Junior class president: Omar Khan
  • Junior class vice president: Amulya Vadapalli
  • Sophomore class president: Ibrahim Butt
  • Sophomore class vice president: Nathan Lewis
  • Vice president for academic affairs: Sophomore Sean Bissell
  • Senior senator for academic affairs: Kevin Mutchnick
  • Junior senator for academic affairs: Yemi Kolawole
  • Sophomore senator for academic affairs: Shreya Bhatia, Manish Kumar
  • Vice president of campus life: Junior Lizzie Speed
  • Senior senator for campus life: Sean Gilbert
  • Junior senator for campus life: Noah Eckberg
  • Sophomore senator for campus life: Divya Juneja, Sanya Kochhar
  • Vice president for Durham and regional affairs: Junior Liz Brown
  • Junior senator for Durham and regional affairs: Brian Buhr
  • Sophomore senator for Durham and regional affairs: Uwa Ihionkhan, Quinci King
  • Vice president for equity and outreach: Junior Elizabeth Barahona
  • Sophomore senator for equity and outreach: Maryam Asenuga, Ivan Robles
  • Vice president for services and sustainability: Sophomore Kristina Smith
  • Junior senator for services and sustainability: Luke Longo
  • Sophomore senator for services and sustainability: Jacob Hoberg, Liv McKinney