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Letter to the editor

This is an open letter to the Duke University Marching Band. In light of one of the members of the UNC Tar Heel Band taking a knee while playing the National Anthem, I am asking you to not be a Tar Heel.

I have worked for Duke Hospital from 1986 to 1999 and Duke Regional Hospital from 2002 to the present. I graduated with my Masters in Nursing from Duke in 1994. I love Duke Football and suffered through the bad, "pre-Cut" years. I retired from the Army Reserve in 2013 with 30 years and one deployment during Desert Storm. 

I understand that you have a right to protest, that you have concerns. But when you disrespect the flag, you disrespect guys like me. Don't be a Tar Heel! I understand people are frustrated and angry; yes, there is unfairness, discrimination and hate all around us. But instead of taking a knee, stand up and do something about it! 

Don't be a Tar Heel! Make Duke and America a better place by standing up for our country with all its flaws, though there are many. I have season tickets, but I will be working at Duke Regional on Saturday when you guys take the field. Good luck, Go Duke...and don't be a Tar Heel!

- Michael Frazier, '94


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