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Music to the ears, and walls?

Acoustics expert Dewey Lawson will be analyzing how the science of  acoustics can aid in the exploration of the influences between architecture and music, according to a release by Duke Libraries.

The event called "Historical Interactions Between Rooms and Music" will take place Dec. 3 in the Rare Book Room from 4-6 p.m.

Lawson, who is also an adjunct professor of physics, will examine:

1. How Duke Chapel illustrates the relationships between liturgical chant and early organ works and the kinds of rooms in which they arose

2. How recent studies of Renaissance Venetian churches contribute to our understanding of the development of choral polyphony

3. How computer modeling can be used to recreate the sound of music in a long-lost room such as Fanny Mendalssohn Hensel's concert hall within her parent's Berlin mansion.

The event is part of a Rare Music series co-sponsored by Duke University Musical Instrument Collections and the Duke University Libriaries. Read more about the series here.


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