The Coolest Month

"April is the cruelest month," a poet once wrote, somewhat famously.

But that poet never experienced LDOC.

Or maybe "The Waste Land" was just T.S. Eliot's elegy for whoever has to clean up the main quad that Thursday.

LDOC-four letters comprising two syllables and a less quantifiable number of memories. But for your esteemed editors, this time around, LDOC isn't just the Last Day of Classes.

It's the Last Day of Careers.

The Last Day of College.

(After all, we all know final examns aren't that important to seniors.)

And that means we're getting pretty nostalgic about our last issue of Towerview, Volume 10. This volume has brought you in-depth looks at Chinese students, environmental issues, punters and academic advisors.

But consider Issue 7 our LDOC-30 pages, a whole lot of words and an all-too unquantifiable number of... well, they're memories for us at least.

In other words, we're going out on top, Jordan-style (sans The Comeback, Part II).

Speaking of basketball, Tim Britton sits down with Duke's own high-scoring wing, Gerald Henderson, to find out the man behind the game. Of course, Blue Devil fans wouldn't mind a comeback from this guard.

Want to check out Henderson's draft prospects? You know the best place to look: the Internet. Want to find out who's leading the next evolution of the Web? The best place to look: Associate Editor Leslie Griffith's story on the Internet culture of the Gothic Wonderland.

New to LDOC? Take some advice from a seriously seasoned veteran, Online Editor Sean Moroney, and a relative neophyte, contributing writer Lisa Du, who know that practice makes perfect and the best preparation for LDOC is living out LDOC-even if it's not the last day of classes.

And whether it's your last year or not, be sure to check out our volume's final page, where last year's Towerview co-editor Sarah Ball describes what it means to say goodbye to the ol' D-U-K-E.

But before we, your editors, say goodbye, we'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who made this possible. Thanks for a great ride.

This is Volume 10, signing off,


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