Obama Responds To Coach K

In case you've been plopped on your couch for the last 24 hours: Barack Obama went on ESPN Wednesday to reveal his bracket. Mike Krzyzewski joked that the president, who eliminated Duke in the Elite 8, should focus on the economy. Matt Drudge blew the story out of proportion. Krzyzewski's comments became the it story on the political and sports blogosphere Thursday.

So naturally, Obama himself was asked to respond to the brouhaha.

Liberal radio host Ed Schultz had the president on his show yesterday, and he mentioned Krzyzewski's displeasure with Obama's bracket. The back-and-forth:

SCHULTZ: I see the Duke coach doesn't like your picks.

OBAMA: Well, you know, Coach K, I think, is a great coach. And you know, Reggie Love, my assistant, played for Coach K. And so it's not surprising—I didn't pick him to go to the final. Look, he's a competitive guy. I just don't think they have the inside game to go all the way. But I look forward to him proving me wrong.

(H/T Politic0)


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