Ben Cohen


Coach K is just one of the many figures on campus that Ben Cohen has interacted with in the last four years.

Asking the tough questions

Keep going, I thought. Keep going and your heart will stop pounding. Ignore the urge to bear right and find a seat in the Chapel. Don’t keep walking past the building. And don’t you dare stop at...


Toying with the Tablets

The MacBook Pros and iPods looked lonely on nearby tables; the poor iPod shuffles screamed of neglect. The long-awaited iPad had come out exactly one week earlier, and the customers were still...


Location, Location, Location

Foursquare is the next big thing at Duke—perhaps bound for greater ubiquity than Twitter—because it’s inherently perfect for the contained college campus, infested by students who might like to...


The good of this place

One day—maybe sooner, but probably later—we might forget about a certain basketball game played last week. But I won't forget where I was when Duke won its fourth national championship. It’s in...

The Duke Chronicle

The best professor

Before I ever met Susan Tifft, I had an inkling that she would be a wonderful professor. It only took about one class for me to realize that she would be the best professor I’ll ever have.

Duke, shown here celebrating after its win over Baylor, found a unique identity as its season progressed, senior Ben Cohen writes.

A team of its own

For a short while this weekend—about as long as Baylor led on Sunday—I privately wished I had a reason to root for Cornell or Butler, the NCAA Tournament’s two pseudo-Cinderellas whose fans seemed...

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