Brodhead Discusses Obama's Bracket With Love

From The Chronicle's off-lead story, about President Richard Brodhead's recent trip to Washington to discuss education and healthcare and meet with Duke-affiliated politicos:

Although their stay on Capitol Hill was brief, Brodhead and Schoenfeld did not forget to lobby for the cause that is perhaps of greatest importance to Duke students this month. Over a nightcap with Love, administrators even found time to talk basketball.

Love was a captain of the 2004-2005 Duke basketball team-but his boss, Obama, picked the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to win the NCAA Tournament on a special with ESPN this week.

"I spent a very delightful hour with Reggie Love," Brodhead said. "His boss utters some inappropriate opinions, but it's a free country."

Brodhead declined to comment on whether Love favored his alma mater to win it all.

"I'm not going to convict him of insubordination," Brodhead chuckled.


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