YouTube Star Comes To Cameron

There might be a familiar face on the other side of Cameron Indoor Stadium when the No. 12 Blue Devils take on Michigan Sunday. You might wonder where you've seen it before you realize that Wolverine head coach Kevin Borseth has no connection to Duke. And then, as quickly as Borseth became famous last year, you'll remember.

He's the supposedly crazy women's basketball coach who threw a tantrum at a press conference last season.

Indeed he is, but Borseth earned a bad rap for his meltdown after Michigan had surrendered an 18-point lead against Wisconsin by, as we all remember, not crashing the boards. Although some mocked him, we applaud Borseth's defending his players. He seems like a players' coach, one who desperately wants his team to succeed and was just and was simply roiled with frustration--that's nothing to be ashamed of. (ESPN's Graham Hays wrote a column defending Borseth, as well, last year.)

The video, though, is still worth a laugh, and if the Cameron Crazies had any sense (or time between exams, or an interest in women's basketball when the Blue Devils aren't No. 1 in the country), could come up with some good jeers about it.


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