Alternate Universe: Reesing to Duke

The Times features a nice profile of Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing, who apaprently has aspirations in the business sector, not the gridiron. One line of the piece caught our attention: "His mother, Debi, a schoolteacher, thought Northwestern and Duke, which had showed interest in her son, were fine universities to prepare for graduate school, something she has made a requirement for each of her three children."

Duke did, indeed, offer Reesing, but he eventually settled on Mark Mangino's program. So who would you rather have: current quarterback Thaddeus Lewis, or Reesing, the leader of a BCS Bowl squad? Can you imagine Reesing under the tutelage of quarterback guru David Cutcliffe? Hopefully those two questions give you something to chew on for the weekend.

--by Ben Cohen


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