What's the bottom line with the new A.D.?

Let's just say Kevin White has a mind for finance in college athletics. During his eight-year turn as the athletic director at Notre Dame, White embarked on a $100-million fundraising campaign. And in the same role at Arizona State, he bolstered the athletics department's revenue to $26 million. "I'm somebody that has a pretty significant interest in business and particularly, the business of sport," White says.

Though Duke doesn't necessarily have a fundraising problem, as the newly appointed AD, White will need to harness that passion to improve the University's official Strategic Plan. Implementing the plan, which includes new scholarships and facilities, will take a mastermind who can handle administrators, faculty, students, and boosters. "I couldn't be more excited about joining this leadership team,

White says. "I've used the word euphoric. Euphoric plus plus."

Currently, the athletics department relies on a subsidy from the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, but the plan is to eliminate the funding in favor of a $300 million endowment for athletics.

"We're going to look at any and all ways to increase revenue," White says. "It's the early innings here.... From 25,000 or 30,000 feet, I have a pretty good sense, but I'm still yet to get to the tarmac, and I'm working at it."

Moving away from the current funding model will be hardfor an athletics department that relies on basketball for its main source of revenue and only generated $100,000 in income in 2007.

White's track record, however, shows he's up to the challenge.

-Sean Moroney. With reporting by Ben Cohen


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