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Sean Moroney




During February of my freshman year, my roommate Lane and I won four straight games of beer pong. For him, not a big deal. For me, it was like Dave McClure going 5-for-5 from the three-point line....


how to live the perfect... LDOC

9:00 A.M. Good morning sunshine Sleeping past 10 a.m. on LDOC is not an option. If you do, you will wake up, find your friends already hammered and be the lonely sober guy/girl. That's a terrifying...


The Twitter

As online editor for The Chronicle, I've been experimenting with different uses of Twitter to suit The Chronicle's journalistic purposes. So far, no success. Frankly, I believe Twitter will be a...


Running to raise some dough

QUESTION: What's worse than waking up early Saturday morning and running four miles? ANSWER: Waking up early Saturday morning, running four miles and devouring a dozen donuts. As unappetizing as...


99 Bottles

Smithwick's Irish Ale Made in Ireland's oldest operating brewery, this red ale, which can be found in most U.S. bars, had a dark tan color, a light coffee taste with a smooth finish. Word to the...

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