Chronicle Poll: Most Oppose White's Hiring

Newly-hired Director of Athletics Kevin White appears to be as good of a hire as Duke could have wanted: he has past experience as an athletic director (at Notre Dame, no less), has healthy relationships with David Cutcliffe and Mike Krzyzewski, knows how to work the business side of the job and possesses an infectious spirit that should excite boosters. All of that makes the poll currently on The Chronicle's website even more surprising.

The poll asks whether White was the right hire. At this time, almostĀ  1,100 people have voted, and the response is overwhelmingly anti-White. About 96 percent of voters have said White was not the best fit, while only 4 percent (that's 44 people, folks; you do the math) have expressed their pleasure with White's hiring.

Of course, polls can always be skewed, and The Chronicle will weigh in on White's appointment in Thursday's paper, but what do you think: Was White a good hire?

--by Ben Cohen


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