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Love, Obama Beat Journalists...In Wordplay

An interesting story on the wire today about Sen. Barack Obama playing word games with reporters on the back of his charter airplane. The game was called "Taboo," and one person on the team gave hints about a certain word while his teammates guessed. Obama played with a team of about six aides, including former Duke football and basketball player Reggie Love, the bodyguard for Obama. (Towerview offered a short profile of Love and his involvement with Obama's campaign earlier this year, but we can't find the link right now.)

The politicos edged the scribes in two games, which led to some taunting from the virtual lock for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Here's our favorite Love-related part of the game:

"Love...took a turn at giving clues, asking for a mall store 'where gays go to buy clothes.'

'Abercrombie and Fitch,' answered Obama. Wrong. 'The Gap,' teammate Samantha Tubman correctly answered."

--by Ben Cohen


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