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Making his own rules . . .

It's a well-known phrase around campus--the random "hook-up." Now, one Duke student is taking matters into his own hands in an attempt to make "real" friends.

Luke Fedoroff, a senior hoping to attend law school, spent his Sunday and Monday mornings posting flyers around campus that claim: "I'm not pathetic, I'm efficient."

"I wanted to meet interesting people," he said. Fedoroff explained that his flyer does not merely target girls, but that he is seeking all kinds of friendships, as long as they are based on his four stated interests��intelligence, humor, physical attractiveness and open-mindedness.

While many students were not entirely sure how to react to Fedoroff's tactic, some said it is not surprising. "It's a little weird, but it doesn't surprise me on a campus like this because people are always putting up signs to get attention," junior Sara Miller said.

Others were even less receptive to the flyer. "It's a different approach, but frankly I prefer the traditional approach," said Rebecca Rader, a senior. "Go out on a limb and ask a girl out and see how it goes."

Male students��who doubted Fedoroff's method would be copied by others��especially seemed perplexed by the flyer, thinking that it appears to be aimed exclusively at girls. "I would never respond to this. I figured it was just for girls," sophomore Jason Wilcox said. "If he's actually serious, I think it's depressing."

As of Monday afternoon, Fedoroff--whose Instant Messenger name "kOztrConnoisseur" reflects his love for roller coasters--had already received seven responses via e-mail and IM from both men and women.

"I'm glad I did it, and the initial response has been good," he said.

His flyer, which states "Let's face it, the Duke dating scene sucks," stresses the negative side of the University's social scene.

"I think a lot of people here have so much going on in their lives that they sort of sometimes put dating last," said Fedoroff, a former Chronicle cartoonist. "They just want to take care of their orgasms on the weekend rather than finding people they actually like."

He explained that students fill their weekdays with schoolwork and other tasks, thereby leaving little time to cultivate friendships.

"I actually want real friends and I think that all too many people have acquaintances and think that these people are real friends, which they are not," Fedoroff said. "I don't want to waste my time so I'm going to invest in good interesting people."

But some students felt that blaming the University's social environment was a poor justification for not having positive relationships with others. "I think it's sad," junior Vishnu Vanaharam said. "I think it's a lame excuse [for not having friends]."

Fedoroff added that his primary goal is not just a romantic interest, but if that is what follows, he would not be opposed to it. "I have no idea [if this will initiate a relationship]. That's secondary," he said. "My primary interest is meeting people with the four criteria."

While his flyers may take some off-guard, Fedoroff explained that he is simply being proactive. "I thought this was the most efficient way to get things done," he said.


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