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Becky Young



Relating to race

Pop quiz-you get off the bus at West Campus and are greeted by students with cameras who ask, "Is affirmative action fair? Do you think about race every day? Would you date someone of another race?".


Mixing business and pleasure

They may be married, teach in the same department and have similar research fields, but ask Eric and Carol Meyers how they met, and they just might give you different answers.


A new prespective

Sleeping bags, canteens, makeshift homes and masses of people-no, we're not talking about Krzyzewskiville.


Finding the words

It's the day after freshman move-in and President Nan Keohane needs to address 1,600 students anxiously waiting to have their decision to attend the University reaffirmed.


Living WEL or Better

Students who spend a semester studying abroad on the beaches of Australia and alongside the Seine in Paris have nothing to complain about, right? Ask them in years past, and they might have given...

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