Speak out about vandalism against ROTC program

I write to the Chronicle with regards to the campus-wide vandalism that reads "ROTC out of Duke". First of all, vandalism of any kind should not be accepted by the students at Duke. It degrades not only the property it is placed on, but also the image of our school and our pride as students.

Furthermore, I cannot comprehend the logic behind this anger towards the members of the ROTC [Reserve Officer Training Corps]. Although I am not a member nor have any ambitions to become one, my feelings toward the ROTC are marked only by respect. I am proud that some of my fellow students are willing to work so hard to earn their education through ROTC scholarships. Other ROTC members commit their energy and time without compensation.

The ROTC is a valuable part of the Duke community. I salute them.

Nooree Lee

Trinity '05


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