For the Boys

Let's hear it for the boys.

DisMissed, MTV's latest love-triangle love-child, recently became the first game show to feature gay guys fighting for a date. Although MTV strongly considered opening up its first dating game show, Singled Out, to gay couples, it vetoed the idea in 1994 for reasons known only to MTV execs and Jenny McCarthy. DisMissed embraces the same-sex date and flaunts it for all it's worth, with drool-worthy results.

Now in its first season, DisMissed has no qualms about finding boys on the same bus. The show's formula works for couples of any orientation, taking two wannabe Cassanovas and putting them on one date. The contestants compete through looks, attitude and under-the-table action for the affections of a chosen girl or guy. The episode with the gay guys (so far the only one aired with same-sex contestants) featured a kissing contest in a sushi booth. Other liaisons caught on tape show strawberry sucking and a hot tub romp. No doubt, MTV wanted to tone down the action for its gay viewers, who are notoriously conservative about sexuality and the media.

Anyway, whoever wins gets to stay on the date, and the DisMissed is let go for the night. Last week, the DisMissed was an adorable Indian guy from the East Coast, the Chosen One was a sun-streaked surfer guy from California, and the lucky one in the middle was an adorable blond econ major from New Jersey. Their behavior was appropriately trashy, their looks were rightly boy-band and their episode was totally lip-smacking.

Mad props to MTV for breaking hearts and breaking new ground, all in the span of one little game show.


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