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Faran Krentcil.



Trends: Gothic Scene

Get your Red Bull ready: It's time to stay up way past your bedtime. Sure, you could be pulling an all-nighter at the library, but now it's time to party.


Midnight Marauders

My favorite dates are always with my partner in crime. We're not going out or anything, but our senses of humor match up like jeans and a good pair of Pumas.


Oh, Sweet Mercy!

Some movies are better on video. You can talk over them, pause them to study cute outfits, rewind the good parts over and over and fast-forward the waste-of-my-life, totally predictable ending.


Can a girl ask a guy out?

We're sitting on his couch and I can't stop staring. His cheekbones lie inches from my hands, and I want to touch them. It would be so easy, I think, to pull him on top of me.

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