Bubbling Over

The commercials and previews for Bubble Boy really haven't done justice to this meaningful comedy, a spoof on the situation of the real-life "Boy in the Bubble." Surprisingly, Bubble Boy is an hysterically funny movie and avoids all obvious doorways to tasteless or exploitive humor.

The main character, Jimmy (Jake Gyllenhaal), has been trapped in a bubble since he was born without immunities, so even the tiniest germ could kill him. His super-religious and insanely protective mother is not happy when the "whore next door" (Marly Shelton's Chloe) befriends Jimmy and wins his affection. After Chloe announces her wedding plans, Jimmy discovers that she loves him too and sets out to stop the ceremony in Niagra Falls.

The ensuing depiction of Jimmy's adventures to Niagra Falls comprises the bulk of the movie. He is chased by the Bright and Shiny Cult--headed by none other than Fabio--because they believe he is their chosen one. Along the way, he mud wrestles with strippers, meets an Indian man who spreads his religion by selling ice cream, frees a group of freaks from a circus and meets two estranged brothers who've been fighting over a Chinese woman named Poonanny.

Bubble Boy's conclusion brings everything together in a timely manner and is beautifully touching and humorous. Moving quickly without a single dull moment, Bubble Boy is definitely a reason to make a trip to the theatre.


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