Rubenstein talks vision for University

"I would like ultimately to make sure that we have a student body that's as good as any student body. I'd like also to make sure that the faculty's as good as any faculty."

#WeAreHereDuke campaign urges action against sexual assault

As Duke’s sexual assault policies continue to be revised, a student-run campaign is encouraging community action across campus.

GPSC urges addition of third graduate Young Trustee

To increase the representation of graduate student interests within the University, GPSC has passed a resolution urging the Board of Trustees to increase their graduate Young Trustees from two to...


Finding home

Going home feels kind of weird.

Silent and opaque

Time is on my mind.

Perpetual silence

This past Friday night doesn’t seem real anymore, one of those hyper-real dreams that you wake up from and question, “Did it really happen that way?”


Two Duke students win a trip to Hollywood

The winners of this competition won a free trip to Hollywood and a VIP tour of Universal Studios, getting the chance to mingle with media giants like Vahradian and Unkeless.

Interview: Eric Oberstein

"That’s certainly what this represents for me––hard working paying off––which is very humbling but exciting."

Music Review: She and Him

All in all, Classics’ modest ambitions and scope lead to modest returns.


Duke's prevalent yet secretive marijuana culture allows its favorite drug dealer to analyze the University's diverse culture.
The Dank Diaries

Inside the world of Duke's favorite drug dealer

Laying the foundation

How three sisters sparked a century's worth of women's activism at Duke


Why the Second City is first for Duke basketball