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Viktoria Wulff-Andersen

Opinion Managing Editor

Viktoria Wulff-Andersen is a Trinity sophomore and an opinion managing editor of The Chronicle's 118th volume.



The Duke Difference: A tradition of admin refusing to listen to students and staff

The decision to fundamentally alter the Thompson Writing Program is almost unilaterally opposed by the student and faculty body, who called for Duke to support faculty and listen to students during Sunday’s protests. As such, it can only be concluded that there are some traditions that the Duke administration cannot continue to uphold.


Lessons from the protests at Howard University

The Live Movement is not a force to be reckoned with, nor a student cause to brush under the rug. Rather, the student-led Live Movement is something the Blue Devils can stand to learn from. What the Live Movement and subsequent Blackburn Takeover teaches us is that students are worthy of occupying spaces on campus, and thus the spaces on campus must be worthy enough for the students that occupy them.

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