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Victoria Priester

on the run from mediocrity

Victoria Priester is a Trinity first-year. Her column, "on the run from mediocrity," runs on alternate Fridays.



Wait, can I really say the 'n-word'?

In the music video for Chris Brown’s “Freaky Friday,” the white rapper Lil Dicky wakes up in Chris Brown’s body. Now, just because he’s black, he can throw the “n-word” around as much as he wants. If you want, watch the clip here (fast forward to 2:19).


The difficulty of being Christian at Duke

At a place like Duke, where students pride themselves on their acceptance of all people regardless of religion or ethnicity, it seems backward that it’s still acceptable to mock God and Christianity in front of people who incorporate religion into their lives.


What Black Panther means for minority representation

In most superhero movies, the world is endangered by the newest imaginary monster or power that would never exist in real life. But in Black Panther, the root of the villainy is systematic oppression and unequal allocation of resources—both in the U.S., and in wealthier Western nations that believe they have no responsibility to help nations with so little. 


The persistence of memory and T-Pain

I can’t count how many times I’ve been with one of my parents in the car when a song comes on, and they’ve immediately started dancing and singing along to it. Then they look at me, incredulous that the song we’re both listening to didn’t evoke the same reaction in me. That song transports them back to a happy moment in their life that I wasn’t there to witness.


Uniquely Duke distractions

I came to Duke with a bucket list of things I wanted to do while I was here. But the more time I spend here, meeting new people and becoming acquainted with activities I hadn’t known about before, the longer and more demanding my bucket list becomes. 

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