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Samantha Sette



Remembering March 2020

March 2020 witnessed the loss not only of loved ones and stability, but also of what would never be...It made us confront mortality at large as well as the fragility of our individual lives. It made us look inward for a strength that could no longer be obtained from the proximity of others. It gave us no other option but to assess our existence thus far in this world and feel the equally painful and inspiring dissonance between who we are and who we want to be.


Lessons from All of the Above: your story matters too

I joined not as an experienced actress or confident storyteller or believer in my own worth, but quite the opposite. It was a selflessly selfish endeavor: I wanted to bring life to someone else’s words in hopes that it would help me find my own. Just for fun, I reasoned, not recognizing at the time how much this show would come to mean to me, and what it can mean to you.


I am rich on campus, but not rich at Duke

I am so incredibly grateful for the economic resources that allow me to be here. I’m grateful that I get to play rich at Duke. I get to choose what sounds good at WU instead of gravitating towards the cheapest meal. I get to say yes to dinner dates and coffee chats without the anxiety induced by a price tag. And the best part: I get to use this power to do good.


Uninspired? Take a shower

A quick Google search will inform you that great ideas arise in the shower due to the interplay of distraction, relaxation and sensory stimulation that produce a neurological dopamine high. It isn’t that the mindless, automatic nature of showering activates creative sweet spots in the brain. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our brain is released from high-order activities and instead engages its appropriately named “default mode network.” Showering liberates our minds from the outside noise and allows us to do something we rarely let ourselves do: be present.

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