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Sabriyya Pate

Sabriyya Pate is a Trinity junior. Her column runs on alternate Mondays.



We need "Empathy Studies"

Empathy is a test of character, but it is also a test of strength, effectiveness and capacity for good. Global leaders need the emotional intelligence and ability to work in diverse teams in order address the challenges that lay ahead.


Code red

Focusing on a limited, highly privileged understanding of menstrual equity is an injustice in itself for it alienates and curtails issues relinquished to the periphery, at a time where human respect and public health needs are already overlooked.


The onus of education

I am one generation removed from poverty. The patriarchal gender roles that define women as assets kept by patriarchs with several wives, each to produce children who are seemingly destined to an impoverished life, still creep at my ankles. 

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