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Hilary Lewis



Vasco Rossi and a semester abroad

Study abroad gives its participants the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the culture of another country: its language, food and the familiar American hit songs typically blaring out of...


What did she say about breakfast?

On the slow-tempo, blues song “Keep On” off her latest album, Slowly But Surely, Holly Golightly’s languid voice defiantly proclaims, “Let people talk until they don’t...


Stepping it up for political comedy

This past summer, when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry announced that he had selected John Edwards to be his running mate, responses were drafted from politicians on both sides of the...


Sweet Sounds

This year, the music world witnessed not-so-successful follow-ups from once-successful artists and surprisingly catchy debuts from previously unknown talents.


Nirvana's Legacy: Ten Years Later

Ten years ago, for reasons still not fully known and from a cause that continues to remain the subject of conspiracy theories, Kurt Cobain's life came to an abrupt and premature end.


Making 'Tracks

In 1991, the soundtrack to The Bodyguard had a long multi-week run atop Billboard's album chart, proving what years of successful soundtrack singles had yet to demonstrate--that a soundtrack album...


Norah Jones

On her debut album, Come Away with Me, Norah Jones' mellifluous voice and softly swaying, piano-driven melodies earned her the praise of critics, industry insiders and music fans alike.

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