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Take This Quiz Or You Will Die

At this point, it's almost cliché to sing the praises of The Sopranos. What can be said about the amazing, exciting show that hasn't been penned before by every major entertainment mag in the country? And while it would be fun to list our complaints, the truth is, we haven't got any. The season premiere of The Sopranos was fun, scary, sad and completely captivating. The Recess crew can't wait for episode number two, and we bet you at home feel the same way. That's why we've come up with the choose-your-own-Sopranos game. Select the fate of each character, stir in some homemade pasta sauce from Jersey, and bada-bing! Waiting for Sunday just got a little bit easier.

  1. The next episode opens with...

a. Carmela contemplating a trial separation from Tony.

b. Junior asking the hospital nurse out on a date.

c. Paulie making some new mafia connections in the slammer.

d. Meadow finding the stashed house money and going shoe-shopping.

  1. What makes Tony break his diet?

a. Christopher steals his money for more dope.

b. Paulie contacts a Manhattan mob boss behind his back.

c. Adriana's best friend (and FBI undercover girl) hits on him.

d. Livia comes back from the dead--again.

  1. What song will be featured on the next Soprano's soundtrack?

a. "I Fought the Law"

b. "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"

c. "Secret Agent Man"

d. "...Baby One More Time"

  1. Who is really a secret undercover agent?

a. The waitress at the diner

b. Tony's shrink

c. Tony's shrink's shrink

d. Rolly


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