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Daniela Flamini

Daniela Flamini is a Trinity junior. Her column runs on alternate Mondays.



The pride and pain of being an Arabic major

For the first two years, I learned what it felt like to not take oneself too seriously—after all, I’d literally just learned my ABC’s, so I wasn’t too harsh about imposing limits and expectations on myself. If I could conjugate at least one verb correctly, it didn’t matter if the rest of my sentence was off.


Leave picky eaters alone

I know that my pickiness makes me a frustrating person to have around sometimes. I’ll only accept invitations to eat at Thrive on Central Campus after 5 p.m., when they ditch their healthy, salad-infested lunch menu and offer their more edible dinner selections, like pizza and chicken nuggets. 


Juniors coming back from abroad "definitely missed" Duke

Duke’s somewhat limiting social scene has been among the hardest of adjustments to make for these displaced students. “Clubs in London always had musical guests, and they wouldn’t make people pay for tickets, so the cover charge would stay the same even when we went to go see Diplo, Travis Scott, Akon or Jason Derulo,” Carolina said. “Maybe they cleaned the saddle on the Shooters bull since we’ve been gone?”

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