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The Duke offense never gave up after falling behind Saturday night, even if fans did, Palmatary writes.

No giving up on Duke

Unlike most people in Durham on Saturday night, I was actually aware that the Blue Devils were on the road facing off with upstart Florida International in what had the potential to be a...

The Duke Chronicle

The problem with the NCAA

The drumbeat has gotten louder and louder and louder. It echoed when a rash of unnecessary suspensions and penalties befell players like A.J. Green and Michael Crabtree.

Kenny Anunike ranks second nationwide­—and best in the ACC—in sacks this season.

The Midwestern Mauler

For a Duke defense that ranked 113th out of 120 Division I teams last year with just 12 sacks, it was a bit surprising to see the Blue Devils sack Andrew Luck twice.

Seth Curry led the Blue Devils’ epic comeback against North Carolina.

A job I’ll never forget

A little over a year ago, I unsuccessfully struggled to restrain myself as Gordon Hayward heaved the biggest shot of his career. I leapt to my feet, threw my hands in the air and hugged my fellow...