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Blackburn visiting professor Lucy Corin graduated from Duke in 1992 and has published two short story collections and a novel.

Visiting professor Lucy Corin discusses MFAs, short stories

Lucy Corin, Trinity ’92, is a writer and visiting professor of English at Duke, as well as professor of English at the University of California at Davis. She has published two collections of short stories, “One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses” and “The Entire Predicament," and one novel, “Everyday Psychokillers: A History for Girls."

"Beautiful Boy" explores the relationship between father David Sheff and his son Nic, who suffers from addiction.

'Beautiful Boy' is an honest depiction of addiction and loss

What “Beautiful Boy” lacks in finesse, it makes up for in heart. The film, helmed by Swedish director Felix Van Groeningen, chronicles the true story of journalist David Sheff’s (Steve Carell) desperate attempt to salvage his deteriorating relationship with his son, Nic (Timothée Chalamet), who is addicted to methamphetamines. 

Duke professor Thomas Brothers recently released his book "Help! The Beatles, Duke Ellington and the Magic of Collaboration."

Duke music professor releases book on magic of collaboration

Like many of their artistic peers, famous composers are commonly panned as egocentric monomaniacs obsessed with their own genius. To challenge this myth, Duke professor Thomas Brothers recently published “Help! The Beatles, Duke Ellington and the Magic of Collaboration,” a new book dedicated to the methods of collective composition. 


Curating nostalgia

At the end of each year going back at least to early high school, I’ve compiled a master playlist of my favorite songs of the year. Early on, as the aspiring music critic I was (at least in my head), these tended to be attempts at the definitive “best-of” list, the rankings dictated as much by what I felt I should enjoy as by what I actually did.