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On 3 a.m. drives

Contrary to popular opinion, traveling is not that great: Airports are slow and crowded; hotels are stiff and plastic; museums, even for a history nerd, tend to be boring; souvenirs are overpriced and easily lost; and the pictures never turn out quite how you expect.

Katy Perry's latest album "Smile" underperformed with audiences and critics — but why?

'Smile' and the collapse of Katy Perry

All of this makes her 2010 album “Teenage Dream” feel like a long, long time ago. That album, released almost exactly 10  years before “Smile,” was supported by an unbelievable run of five chart-topping singles, a record that Perry shares with Michael Jackson. The stark difference between these two albums begs a simple question:  What happened to Katy Perry?

For years, the talk show host has cautiously curated a public persona that revolves around kindness.

What's going on with Ellen?

The format of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is amusingly predictable. She brings someone onto the stage — preferably a child prodigy or a teacher in need of new classroom desks — and gifts them an impressive sum of money or a flat-screen TV.